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The Braddocks on Adoption Day

Pastor Jeff Braddock was raised on a farm in rural Southeastern Illinois.  He was saved in a revival meeting at the age of nine, and at the young age of 16 answered God's call to the ministry.  The same month, Jeff began to date his future wife, Scarlet.


After high school, both Jeff and Scarlet attended Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri.  During the summer of 2000 they got married.  In 2002, Scarlet completed training to become a high school English teacher.  She later became a school librarian.  The next summer, Jeff graduated with a degree in Pastoral Ministry.  A little over a year after Jeff graduated, he was led to his first church, New Hope.


In August of 2013, the Braddocks adopted a little girl, Jessie.  In June, 2017, the family grew to five as they also adopted two little boys, John and James.  Jeff's time as pastor has been one of learning, development, and growth for him, Scarlet, and the church.  They feel very blessed that God has led them to this church family and are excited to see what He will do in the future.

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